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If you are approaching retirement your pension provider will have provided you with an information pack with annuity options. It is not always financially beneficial to draw your annuity with your current provider.

Your insurance company will make you aware that you have an 'Open market Option' allowing you to choose an alternative provider. Let DM Pension & Investment Solutions Ltd shoparound for you to get the best annuity rate. You also may wish to consider the merits of a drawdown arrangement

We offer face to face advice to clients in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Ayrshire, Edinburgh and most of Central Scotland.

Some of the key factors to consider when retiring are:

  • How much pension income do you require.
  • What effect will inflation have on your pension.
  • Do you need flexibility.
  • Do you have a spouse or dependants that you wish to provide for.


Annuity advice Glasgow Edinburgh Lanarkshire Scotland Not all Insurance companies pay the same annuity rates. Do you know that some annuity providers can even offer annuity quotations for ill health annuities and enhanced annuities to smokers.

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Our advisor David Mulholland is a Chartered Financial Planner. Only a small percentage of advisors in the UK have achieved this status. Chartered status is the pinnacle for the financial planning professional.

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